Car Park Restoration


RM linemarkings can carry out all restoration works on commercial and private car parks. Works from repairing potholes, to the complete resurfacing and remarking of your car park. We work closely with all our customers to cause the least possible disruption to your business and customers.


  • All works to be carried out with safety the number one priority
  • Repairs to be completed to high standards
  • Restoration to cause as little disruption as possible
  • To be cost effective & efficient


  • Anti-Skid Surfacing Repair
  • School Playground Repairs
  • Sport Court Repairs
  • Factory and Warehouse Floor Repairs
  • Safety Walkway Repairs
  • Road Stud Replacements
  • Rumble Strip Replacements
  • Road repairs
  • Car Park Repairs
  • Pothole and Surface Repairs
  • Pavement and Kerb Repairs
  • Driveweay Repairs
  • High Friction Surfacing Regeneration
  • Safety Surfacing Regeneration


We can provide a full range of surfacing services. Including tarmac surface coatings.

Small building works inculding ground works, walls and fencing.

Speed Ramps can be installed along with parking posts. These are an effective way to improve your car park safety.

Installation of rubber wheel stops or parking barriers help to prevent unnecessary insurance claims. and damage to the carpark.

Pothole repair - Potholes cause an immediate risk to drivers & pedestrians. If you’re responsible for a private car park or road, you have a legal duty to maintain it.

All types of Signage can be supplied and installed.


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